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Welcome to Hagal Holistic Health

Holistic Health at Hagal FarmRelaxing breaks at Hagal Farm, situated in the beautiful natural landscape of West Cork Ireland. Health and pampering retreats, with alternative therapies and delicious vegetarian food. Also provides quality training in holistic therapies.
Nestled on the south slope of the Maughnaclea mountains, with breath-taking views over the Mealagh valley and Bantry Bay in the distance, Hagal Healing Farm is surrounded by nature and the beautiful, wild landscape of West Cork.

The shelter of the mountains offer you a feeling of security, while the un-obscured views and the distant ocean inspire inner feelings of freedom and reflection. The lush green surroundings promise rejuvenation, or maybe the peace and quiet will be all the balm you need. A place and space to retreat from the pressures and routine of daily living. You are welcome to 'retreat' at Hagal Farm if you are just looking for some peace, quiet, time for yourself agenda!
You can stay as short as a day, a week-end, a midweek, or longer if you like!

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Hagal Farm, 'Green' and Eco Friendly

Our lifestyle and philosophy reflects respect for nature and our natural resources. The buildings and gardens have preserved natural features as much as possible. Our large vegetable garden is fully chemical free..
The five acres surrounding our farm are ‘cultivated’ in a eco friendly way, allowing native wild plants to flourish and introducing some new species. Were first there was no foliage and no birds, now our gardens are lush and green and bird song wakes us in the morning.

Our vegetables come as much as possible from our own chemical free garden or from the local organic market.
We separate all our waste, use eco friendly cleaning products, have solar panels to heat our water and a reed bed to cleanse our sewage. The products used in the interior are as much as possible natural, e.g. cotton bedding, natural wood.
Our self catering unit has hemp plastered walls and a sod roof.

We regard contact with nature as an essential tool for well being and relaxation
Our gardens invite you to come out, to explore and play!
You may climb the mountain, walk the grounds, wander into the labyrinth or simply sit quietly, in any of the many ‘nooks and grannies’, excellent meditation spots: Soak up the intense silence and the abounding natural energy; “Sit still and the grass grows by itself”.

The Atmosphere

The informal atmosphere is supportive, relaxing and cosy. Whether you have a single room, or a sharing, feel free to join the other guests and the family in the main house at any time.
Here you can enjoy a delicious cup of our wild herb teas, freshly picked from the garden, relax on a cool day in the living room with it's open fireplace, or in the spacious conservatory overlooking the valley and the distant ocean. On a warm day, one can spend time sitting in the secluded, mature gardens enjoying the sunshine and the surrounding natural beauty.

All Stressed Out?

hagal healing farm

Make your choice in the menu on your left for a break from that hectic life you lead and make that first step to finding your balance!

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