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We train quality therapist in a truly holistic setting!! Weekend courses in professional diploma training in Holistic Therapies.

Welcome to Hagal Holistic Health
Janny Wieler—Director

Thank you for your interest in our courses.
Hagal Holistic Health, founded in 2000, has grown from strength to strength. At the moment we offer 6 diploma courses, and a number of shorter certificate courses and an interesting variety of workshops presented by guest facilitators.. We are constantly expanding our programme & upcoming events.

We offer training in a truly holistic setting; peaceful and quiet. The garden surrounding the college is lush and green with many nooks and corners to sit quietly. It is the perfect setting to relax between classes.

The course room is spacious and has beautiful views of the Mealagh Valley and Bantry Bay in the distance. It would be easy to dream away but for the interesting study of our own body and the practical skills that are hard work but so rewarding. Learning is a great experience!
You meet new people who are ‘on the same wave length’ and students often make friends for life. Click here for special student facilities & discounts. Our staff are fully qualified in teaching techniques and are themselves Holistic therapists who understand both theory AND practice!

Embarking on this ‘holistic health practitioner’ path, you may find this journey never ending…. new opportunities loom, doors open, new skills beg to be mastered, and there are wider perspectives to explore….You are warned!
Janny Wieler.

Our Staff

Flora Wieler
Flora is a qualified therapist practicing Holistic massage, Indian Head massage, Thalasso therapy and Holistic Beauty. Flora has worked in Social care, Accounting, Project management and Human and Public relations. She co-owned and managed  "Anam Cara Day Spa & Wellness Centre" for several years before going back to the accounting industry. She sucessfully divides her time between a busy office enviornment and working part time for Hagal Holistic Health.
Flora is a qualified ITEC tutor.

Eleanor Fitzgerald
Eleanor has been a complementary practitioner since 1994, practicing in the areas of Reiki, Reflexology and Holistic Massage, Sports and Remedial Massage – link and Neuromuscular Therapy. Eleanor, who runs a highly successful practice as a massage therapist specialising optimising muscle health & function using Sports & Remedial massage & Neuromuscular therapy.
Eleanor is a fully qualified ITEC tutor.

Myrthe Wieler
Myrthe is a qualified therapist practicing Holistic massage, Indian Head massage, Sports & Remedial massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Reflexology, Thalasso therapy and Holistic Beauty. Myrthe has travelled and worked in diverse 5 star Spa facilities  in Australia until settling full time back in Ireland. She Co-owned and managed "Anam Cara Day Spa & Wellness Centre" for several years. Now she works for an on-site chair massage company called MindWell and also works for Hagal Holistic Health.
Myrtheis a fully qualified ITEC tutor

Student facilities

You like to train at Hagal Farm, but live a good distance away?
No problem!
We offer part time professional training, based on weekend courses!
A great opportunity for those who have experienced the excellence of treatments at Hagal Farm and like to train the obtain the same quality of expertise themselves.
Our training will -depending on the length of the course- cover 1 or 2  or max 3 days a month.

Residential participants are very welcome to avail of our special offers for accommodation.
The college is lucky to have a great vegetarian chef! Students can avail of meals at a discount. And you wouldn’t be the first to then sign up for Fred’s vegetarian cookery course!  


Our college - Hagal Holistic Health - is based in West Cork where we are the only Residential Holistic Centre approved by The International Therapy Examination Council. (ITEC). ITEC provides qualifications recognised in England, Europe and Australia. ITEC is part of the British  national qualifications framework. ITEC qualifications cover three sectors: Complementary therapies, Beauty therapy & Sport therapy.

We offer part time professional training.
Our courses are run during the weekends, and -depending on the length of the course- will cover 1 or 2  or max 3 days a month. Residential participants are very welcome to avail of our special offers for accommodation 

 We offer ITEC Practitioner Diplomas in:    

We also offer courses in:   

  • Holistic Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Sports massage
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Reiki
  • Stress management
  • Vegetarian/Special dietary needs 
  • Vegetarian cooking
  • Lomi- Lomi massage
  • Advanced massage techniques
 ( read more about these diplomas.. ) 

( read more about these courses.. )

Our students can expect the highest standards in teaching and the most beautiful studying environment in West Cork. However we have high expectations of our students too (Student Rights & Obligations).

Why choose an ITEC qualification?

ITEC qualifications are recognised internationally because the diplomas are obtained from registered colleges. ITEC ensures both theory and ‘best practice’ are reflected in the syllabus and practical training. An ITEC student is fully prepared for their future job role. ITEC awards are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and transparent:


Home Work: Students will be given a monthly homework sheet. Each month, the previous month’s homework is to be submitted to the tutor in a homework folder. This folder must be submitted to the examiner at the practical exam so the homework should be submitted in a presentable manner. Submission of homework is mandatory.

Assessments & ITEC exams: Each month there will be a multiple choice assignment that must be passed by each student each month. Pass mark is 60%. All assessments must be passed prior to the sitting of the ITEC course exams. Students that fail any assessments must re-sit the assessment on the assigned catch up dates. A student failing an ITEC exam may re-sit a maximum of 3 times. Additional fees will apply each time.

Students have the right to complain to the course director who will investigate.

Rules and Regulations

  • Students should arrive on time for all lectures. This applies to all beginnings, endings and breaks.
  • Students may not be absent without previously arranged permission. Students must ring the college to advice of absence and in case of illness must produce a doctor’s certificate.
  • To sit the exam, a minimum attendance of 80% of all lectures is required: Students who cannot attend a minimum of 80% of the lectures, must arrange for acceptable alternative tutoring. The director of studies can assist. The cost of additional tuition is for the student.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining notes from missed classes:  If a student misses a lecture then it is the student’s responsibility to catch up and obtain course notes.
  • Homes study: Students should prepare themselves at home for the forthcoming lectures by reading at least the assigned study material.
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