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Massage Treatments

Holistic Massage
A deep state of relaxation, releasing stress & tension from body and mind. Holistic Massage can improve circulation, muscle tone and skin conditions, increase mobility, relieve pain and assist in healing.
The Deluxe massage includes energy and/or deep tissue remedial work. This massage takes 2 hrs!

Deep Tissue Massage 
Deep Tissue holistic massage incorporates slower movements & deeper pressure. Physically breaking down adhesions that block circulation, cause pain, limited movement and inflammation. 
Indian Head Massage
Uses and adapts the classical massage techniques to treat the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. This treatment can be very helpful for neck/ shoulder pain, insomnia, migraines & tension headaches.

Lomi Lomi Massage
Dynamic & different! LomiLomi is an ancient form of Hawaiian Massage that uses long flowing stokes to impart waves of energy throughout the body.

Relaxing yet energizing! Reflexology works reflexes in the feet, which reflect all the systems in the body. This is a deeply relaxing treatment that assists the body to the return to a natural state of balance & health.

Marine Body Treatments

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Treatment
Relaxes, re-mineralises & detoxifies! This treatment includes dry body brush exfoliation, Micronised-Marine-Algae (MMA) body wrap followed by an application of detoxifying oils.

Facial Treatments

Hagal Deluxe Facial
A luxurious Facial customised to your skin type. Relax as we start the treatment with a soothing herbal foot soak and exfoliation. Enjoy and extra long facial massage to encourage blood flow and increas tone and elasticity. Includes a relaxing foot massage.

Hagal Maintanance Facial
A perfect facial to deeply cleanse and revitalise dull skin. Relax as we customise the facial to your skin care needs. This facial is designed to give you what you, and your skin needs. We devote more time to cleansing and exfoliating but we do not froget to including a relaxing facial massage and mask application.

Prescription Facial
A customised basic facial. This treatment choice is suitable for all skin types, and for those who are curious about a first facial. It includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask application. We include a hand massage during this treatment.

Mer & Sens - Hot Stone Treatments

Hot Stone Massage
Feel the warmth penetrating deeply into the body! The decongesting action of the hot stones increases tissue oxygenation and enhances the sensorial experience of the treatment. The Hot stones help to let go of deep seated tension and invites restful sleep. There is a full body massage and a back-neck-shoulder massage available.

Healing / Energy Treatments

Healing technique where natural life energy is amplified to promote well-being. The whole person is treated rather than just symptoms. Reiki flows to the area of need, soothing pain and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself. Balances body, mind and spirit. 

Other Treatments

Thermo- Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candle)
Eases and soothes. Hopi ear candling can ease headaches, ear noises, ear aches, stress & tension, sinusitis, migraine, tinnitus, glue ear, rhinitis & colds. Ear candling can be helpful to treat compact wax in ears, hyperactive children and nasal congestion. 

A perfect treatment to ease hard working hands/feet. Includes a file, soak, cuticle work, massage, masque and polish

Sea Salt Full Body Exfoliation
An exhilarating dry loofah body brush followed by a full body sea salt exfoilation infused with invigorating and stimulating herbs, including thyme and lavender.


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